Diagnostic Radiology

Welcome to the Department of Radiology, Diagnostic Radiology website at the University of Yamanashi. This site offers you to explore many of the clinical and research activities and resources that we have available in our department, and to learn more about our clinical practice and thriving imaging research program.
Thanks for the recent advances in imaging technology, we are now able to peer inside the human body in order to diagnose and treat diseases with advanced imaging methods. Imaging is central to ongoing advances in disease detection, diagnosis, and treatment monitoring, and to advanced new approaches in minimally-invasive image-guided therapies.
The mission of the diagnostic subdivision of Department of Radiology in University of Yamanashi, is to advance the practice in medical imaging for improving human health. Although our department is not really big, we have talented clinical and basic researchers who work together to achieve that mission.

Imaging-based diagnosis plays a major role in the clinic. Dramatic advances in medical imaging, computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), enabled various approach to see what’s going on inside the body. Research in this field requires talented personnel as well as collaboration with other institutions. Specially, we are proud of our long-standing relationships with our industrial partners, GE Healthcare, for MR research. We believe that close partnership with industry is essential to ensure most effective development new technology that will surprise the world. Through these entrepreneurial activities, we are able to further embody our new idea to the world.